anggunnews.com – Only one month away… on the 8th of December, Anggun’s 8th international album will be released and it’s called “8”!

Anggun herself describes the album as:

The new album is themed around the ups and downs of the thrice-divorced 43-year-old’s beautiful life and revolves around her hopes and fears.

Numbers 1 upto 7:
– Snow on The Sahara
– Chrysalis
– Open Hearts
– Luminescence
– Elevation
– Echoes
– Toujours Une Ailleurs

We’re soooo looking forward to it! 💗 💗

What We Remember – release

anggunnews.com – Today, Anggun released her new single “What We Remember” including a lyrics video!

Watch the lyrics video:

The lyrics:

Planes fly over my head,
drawing lines in the sky,
destined to be forgotten.

Words you dared to say
that left the clouds in my eyes,
on hold to be forgiven.

Can’t you see it in my face,
the struggle and the grace.
Some things I cannot hide.

We’re dodging bullets with this game,
but the pleasure and the pain
are only there for a while.

‘Cause nothing lasts forever, forever.

No, nothing lasts forever.
We only have what we remember.

We only have what we remember.
We only have what we remember.

Though life plays hard to get,
somehow I keep the smile
and let my heart do the rest.

One thing I can regret
is when I’m too afraid to try
to give it my very best.

Don’t want my memory of you,
the love that once was true
slowly fades away.

Something that I can’t undo
can break my heart in two,
is what they called the twist of fate.

‘Cause nothing lasts forever, forever.

No, nothing lasts forever.
We only have what we remember.

Don’t forget to order this new song on iTunes!!!

What We Remember

anggunnews.com – Awesome news today, the new single of Angguns upcoming internal album is called “What We Remember”.

What We Remember

The lyrics:

…to be published soon…

Accompanied by the following shared video by Anggun herself:

We are looking forward to the release!!!

Universal Music Asia

anggunnews.com – Today Anggun announced she signed with Universal Music Asia for a one-of-a-kind pan-Asian recording deal. Anggun’s highly anticipated new English album is expected to be released in November 2017, followed by a tour in (South East) Asia. The first single of the upcoming album is expected this fall and the release date of the album will be announced shortly.

George Ash, President, Universal Music, Asia Pacific said: “Anggun is without doubt an incredibly talented artist. Throughout her career, she has been lauded not only in Asia but around the world, proven by the fact that she is the best-selling female Southeast Asian artist outside of Asia.
She has countless international accolades and her work on Asia’s Got Talent will lay the foundations for future generations of artists. We are very proud to be working alongside her on her much-anticipated forthcoming English album and look forward to an exciting year ahead.”

Anggun herself said: “I am so proud to partner with Universal Music Asia on this new album. The team is truly amazing and dedicated to both music and artists.
I have been working very hard on my new English album, writing songs while having short breaks during my extensive tour across France & Belgium over the past few months.
I’m really excited to showcase several collaborations with some of the most talented songwriters and producers I have ever met and worked with. This is probably my best album so far and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Beside the announcement of having signed a deal with Universal Music Asia, she also confirmed being a judge on Asia’s Got Talent again: ouest-france.fr/pays-de-la-loire/nieul-sur-lautise-85240/anggun-j-adore-voir-les-reactions-du-public-5155485.
Which Asia’s Got Talent already hinted on several times.

The second half of 2017 is going to be awesome!!!

Diaspora Indonesia

anggunnews.com – The first of July, the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) organized the fourth congress of Indonesian Diasporas (CID-4) in Jakarta. Being an Indonesian Diaspora herself, Anggun attended the congress to speech and perform.

An impression of her speeching:

She performed three songs, accompanied by Christian Kretschmar on piano:
– Bayang-bayang Ilusi
– Mimpi
– Snow on the Sahara

Enjoy the video:

And Barack Obama was there too speeching, a shot of them together:

One of the highlights of my life was to meet this great Man, a Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama 🙏🏽 cc @christiankretschmar This photograph is provided by the Office of President Obama as a courtesy and may be printed by the subject(s) in the photograph for personal use only. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not otherwise be reproduced, disseminated or broadcast, without written permission. This photograph may not be used in any commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of President Obama, Mrs. Obama, the Obama Foundation or the Obama Family Office. With these restrictions, a commercial printer may produce print(s) of the photograph for the subject(s) personal use.

Een bericht gedeeld door Anggun Official (@anggun_cipta) op

Concerto di Natale

anggunnews.com – This year, Anggun was invited for the fifth time to sing at Concerto di Natale.

Concerto di Natale

Dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier, she sang four songs, the first one was together with Anna Tatangelo, Rebecca Fergusson and Deborah Lurato, called Hallelujah.

The second song was The Christmas Song, written in 1945 by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé.

And accompanied by Andrea Griminelli, she sang La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful)

To close the whole concert, all artist sang Happy Xmas (War Is Over).

What would Christmas be without great music! ❤

Café de la Danse

anggunnews.com – While touring France, Anggun did three concerts in Paris in Café de la Danse. Fans from all over France but also from Belgium, The Netherlands and England came to see her perform on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Cafe de la Danse(photo by Martin Cox)

Café de la Danse

Café de la Danse is a theater in Paris which can hold up to 500 people.


The concert started with Sasha doing the supporting act. After that Anggun entered the stage and entertained the audience with a huge list of songs:

  • La rose des vents
  • Je suis libre
  • C’est écrit
  • Mon capitaine
  • Aucune différence
  • Tu nages
  • Quelques mots d’amour
  • À nos enfants
  • Est-ce que tu viendras
  • Née quelque part
  • Face au vent
  • La neige au Sahara
  • Perfect world
  • Etre une femme
  • Cesse la pluie
  • Cargo
  • Nos vies parallèles
  • Un de toi

A lot of fans uploaded fragments of the songs/concert, we combined the best of them into a summary of the concerts with over an hour of great music. Enjoy!

COP22 Climate Show

Anggunnews.com – November 7-18, 2016, the United Nations Climate Change Conference took place in Marrakech (Morocco). As part of that, November 14th, a Climate Show was organized with some famous performers, Anggun included.

She wore a stunning white outfit by Indonesian designer Norma Hauri.

COP22 Climate Show

Together with Youssou N’Dour, Anggun sang 7 Seconds, a duet they did in 2009 too.
On piano is Georgian concert pianist Khatia Buniatishvili.

Youssou N'Dour and Anggun

Beside the duet with Youssou N’Dour, Anggun also sang two French songs of herself: La Neige Au Sahara and Cesse La Pluie. She brought Olivier Freche to play guitar.

After her performances, Anggun was shortly interviewed by the host about her being Goodwill Ambassador for Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations since 2009.
She calls her self “la chanteuse météo”, refering to her performances of La Neige Au Sahara and Cesse La Pluie.

Collaboration with Kotak

Anggunnews.com – It is no secret that Anggun is a fan of Tantri (Syalindri), the vocalist of Kotak. And Tantri is also a huge fan of Anggun since she was a kid.

When Anggun was asked, who her favorite singer from Indonesia is, she did not doubt saying that it is Tantri. She really wanted to sing with her since 2010.
And last week (September 23, 2016), they released a duet in Bahasa Indonesia. It’s called Teka-Teki. The rock ballad song will be featured on Kotaks upcoming album.

Cs_SJvZWEAUPSVQ.jpg large

You can download the song from iTunes or you can listen to the song on Spotify Indonesia.

The lyrics:

Seluruh hatimu teka-teki
Yang takkan bisa kumengerti
Senyuman manis di bibirmu
Beri harapan semu
Kuingin tau siapa di hatimu
Apakah itu aku
Sampai kapankah kuharus menunggu
Jawaban dari kamu
Aku dan kamu juga tau
Bahwa aku inginkan kamu
Tetapi mengapa dirimu
Menggantungkan hatiku
Kuingin tau siapa dihatimu
Apakah itu aku
Sampai kapankah kuharus menunggu
Jawaban dari kamu
Gila kau buat aku jadi gila
Katakanlah apa isi hatimu
Kuingin tau siapa di hatimu
Apakah itu aku
Sampai kapankah kuharus menunggu
Sampai kapankah kuharus menunggu
Jawaban dari kamu
Jawaban dari kamu

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